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3 definitions by ReDevil

A small retirement town, that also includes a SUNY college. Major emphasis is placed on cows, and cow dung, or feces, and its current applications. This rural town is often referred to as the "Black Hole of NY" or "Dark Gapping Anus of NY." Upon entering the outskirts, and making the "Decent of Despair" down the Central Bridge hill, you will fall under the valley's spell of infinite sadness, and dark depressing ways.
I came down the decent of despair, the clouds rolled in, and I knew I was miserable. Welcome to Cobleskill.
by ReDevil March 22, 2011
58 12
A small piece of poo(turd), that comes out of the partner's anus, after anal sex.
"After I pulled out, a little wimpee followed!"
by ReDevil April 07, 2009
4 2
Slang for a slut or whore.
That girl has done it so much, shes a dickshed.
by ReDevil October 14, 2009
2 1