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3 definitions by Raymatts

Derived from the word hostage, someone who you hug and refuse to let go of is your hugstage. If someone hugs you and won't let go, you are their hugstage.
Friend 1- I'll miss you too, but can you let go now? I really have to go or I'll miss my flight…

Friend 2- No, you can't leave. You're my hugstage!
by Raymatts January 10, 2012
The act of hugging someone who is wearing a flannel shirt, or the act of hugging someone while wearing a flannel shirt.
Friend 1- Hey, did you see Bob's new flannel?
Friend 2- Yea, it's really soft. He gave me a flug this moring.
by Raymatts January 10, 2012
Constance is an amazing person who is a part-time ghost and mows lawns on the side. He burns easily so he wears a large, floppy sunhat. Also he wears a wife beater but he doesn't seem to have a wife. He is 40 years old but uses skin care products to make himself look like a teenager. He tries to re-live the past and ends up walking in circles in his back yard, making his neighbors freak out and obsess over him for months.
Wow look at the constance over there, walking around in circles with a floppy sun hat. He is so amazinggggg!
by Raymatts November 27, 2011