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a combination of the words flying hugg.. when someone leaps into another's arms
man next time i see you i'd better get a flug!
by spectacuLAUR June 22, 2006
the stuff floating in the air or the linty stuff on your sweater.
the down feathers from a blanket flying in the air is flug.
by featherqueen September 17, 2010
To tickle someones testicles with a feather
Man, that girl over there looks like she can flÜg like a champ!

i want you to FlÜg me

Man, she's totally flÜging me right now
by lav91 July 29, 2010
A flug is a mix between a hug and a glomp. It's something you do to show that the other person actually means something to you. It a sign of affection.

In chat language can it be called fluggles, like hug can be called huggles.´See example.
'Give me a flug!'

In a chat convo:

*fluggles* meant as an action where the person writing it want to give the other person a flug.
by Seekrit. May 05, 2006
A style of photographic self portrait where one holds the camera at an angle such that a head shot is obtained with subject matter in the background. A flug shot is characterized most often by the photographer making a crinkled face, especially distorting the nose. Typically in a 'flug' or 'flug shot' the photographer keeps his or her sunglasses on. This mystery adds to the inner hilarity and/or demons of the photographer. Flug shots are creatively aided by alcohol, typically Budweiser.
Did you see the freakish flug shot of the man opening the storage shed.
by Artie Paleman January 25, 2005
The act of hugging someone who is wearing a flannel shirt, or the act of hugging someone while wearing a flannel shirt.
Friend 1- Hey, did you see Bob's new flannel?
Friend 2- Yea, it's really soft. He gave me a flug this moring.
by Raymatts January 10, 2012
A small dog created entirely out of mucus. A combination of the words "Phlegm" and "Pug".
I got my girlfriend a flug for Christmas. Unfortunetly, she hugged it.
by Shermano January 05, 2008
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