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6 definitions by Ravi

what a kid who just ate a bag of weed and mushrooms says in the most random moment while sitting in the back of the police car and licking the glass separating the back seats from the front
The snazberries taste like snazzberries
by Ravi June 23, 2003
the ultimate mafia family in the world BITCHES
The Viradia family will whack your bitch ass!!!!!
by ravi February 27, 2004
no chance, no way, not good, not in favor of.
friend: hey man i got this new haircut look at my pic

u: no dice my friend, no dice
by ravi January 06, 2004
Acronym for sniggers very loudly

Has varying numbers of V's depending on the loudness of sniggering...
BOB: I use my XBOX as a bullet proof vest
by Ravi December 04, 2003
Very very Wicked Person
Wicked and Cruel person
by Ravi October 09, 2004
To be a juvenile.
I was a donk for 12 years, living in juvi hall like it was my home.
by Ravi February 25, 2004