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8 definitions by Ravenwolf

Having your own Wikipedia page.
"Dude! I looked that guy up on Wikipedia; he really is famous!"
by Ravenwolf October 14, 2008
Acronym for Against Medical Advice
Doctor: "Well, it would be AMA to tell you to go jump off a bridge, but I am sorely tempted right now."
by Ravenwolf January 15, 2007
A thread in which two or more things, usually fictional characters, are pitted agaist each other. People are supposed to argue who would win in a fight (unless stated otherwise), but more often than not, they turn into popularity contests.
"Sephiroth totally pwns Superman! He's so much cooler!"

"That's hardly a reason. Stop being a n00b and get out of my vs thread!"
by Ravenwolf October 08, 2006
The first United States stock exchange, located in Philadelphia, PA. It is now a food court and a great place to buy Pocky.
Hey, have you been to the Bourse? I got some Pocky there: 4 packs for $2.25!
by Ravenwolf April 23, 2006
One who prefers using obsolete technology for no practical reason. From video and idiot.
OMG! He'd rather have a VHS than a DVD! What a videot!
by Ravenwolf July 15, 2006
My favorite character in Rurouni Kenshin!!
Misao threw a bunch of shuriken in my eye and now I can't see very well.
by Ravenwolf April 19, 2004
A common misspelling of canon.
"You only like that pairing because it's not cannon."
"No no, you mean CANON. Oh, and... That's not true."
by Ravenwolf March 05, 2006