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4 definitions by Raven2099

A small piece of poo clinging to the ass or the Underweare/Pants...

Often refereed to as a Dingle Berry
Jay's Got Ass Crumbs
by Raven2099 May 14, 2008
7 1
The act in after anal intercourse one affixes the lips of the mouth to the anus and proceeds to blow as if inflating a balloon.
Jay just gave Mary a Colon Blow
by Raven2099 May 17, 2008
13 9
FIN-ANGEL is another term for GOD(any deity) mostly used in Vain.

Accredited to Larry Niven
Jay: Hey Ed you Missed the Game...
Ed: For Fin-Angels Sake... Grrrr
by Raven2099 May 25, 2008
0 3
A derogatory term for extra thick seamen/sperm
Guido was wanking off and made Man Pudding
by Raven2099 May 17, 2008
3 8