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The best internet forum alive today
www.gamufi.com is the best site known to man!!!
by Random Hero March 04, 2005
The act of a male or female sitting down indian style while a male or female takes a heaping shit on their body.
Feona sat indian style while Sam shit all over her.
by Random Hero April 20, 2004
hella cool and flossin
that car is straight pimp
by random hero February 19, 2003
1)straight up gangsta
2)straight pimpin
that car is flossin dude!
by random hero February 19, 2003
to have sex
Did you slang that girl last nite?
by Random Hero March 02, 2004
Generally stumpy with coloured hair.....

Schnibble can usually be found making flashing programs on Delphi and is renowned worldwide for 'Snailrace'

Usually found in the vendors or FLB

Owner of the DtC planet series.
Hey its schnibble....*FLUMP*.....oh hes gone.
by Random Hero February 02, 2004

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