20 definitions by Random Hero

synonomous with bitch, beyotch, biatch, biznatch
fuck you biznazzle!
by random hero February 19, 2003
Slang word for a man's penis
He stuck his love length inside her hairy muff
by Random Hero March 02, 2005
Classic team on any games.

Used on Starsphere, Planetia and soon to be used on CS!!!!!
TBROF will pwn everything!
by Random Hero February 02, 2004
one who is a punk
ie; a sore loser, a loser, or a stingy bastard
just let me borrow a dollar punk-ass bitch
by random hero February 19, 2003
Sound occuring when a grenade is launched from an AR rifle.
See comic books.

See XIII on the X-Box
by Random Hero February 02, 2004
A person that acts like a whore and flirt online but doesn't in the "real world"
She flirted with me on MSN and said she was going to snd me naked pictures. When I saw her in real life she was really shy. She is an internet whoer
by Random Hero March 04, 2005
the "central business district" of a city, usually swarming with rich, white people
we was cruisin' around CBD and saw nothing but bitches and white fools
by Random Hero February 24, 2003

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