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Competition of Bealls
O my god, you're wearing the shoes I got you from Marshalls for Hanukkah.
by RamboLurch November 12, 2009
Competition of Marshalls
Hey, that's the shirt I got you from Bealls for Good Friday.
by RamboLurch November 12, 2009
Is For Assholes
If you shop at Office Depot, you will get bummed in the asshole.
by RamboLurch November 12, 2009
Accent with heavy emphasis on phlegm.

Almost sounds like there is a Y in front of every vowel and sounds very similar to Hebrew.
Cousin Shane: Uncle Jack! Wherye's Yeall Thye Pyunch!!!

Uncle Jack: LOAH!!!! PYUNCH!!!!
by RamboLurch December 10, 2009

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