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The enigmatic region made of space-time that is constantly 20 feet above one's head. It is proven that people live in the dream sphere, as they often come visit our world. Though they appear three-dimensional to us people in the dream sphere are made of four-dimensions, and will often have a hard time grasping space and time, and will also have weird names like "Cameo England" or "Arlo." It is thought that the people in the dream sphere were once people like you and I that ascending into this higher plane of existence, and it is also prophecized that Mirror World has its own, slightly less convenient version of the dream sphere. There are five known ways to gain entry into the dream sphere.
1 - Pick yourself up: this is the most common method used by dream sphere people. Unfortunately normal people cannot do this easily.
2 - Crawl completely inside your pants: this method is slightly harder, but has been tested, and with only one foot on the ground, our test subject smelled a whiff of something dream-like.
3 – Grow into a tree: graft yourself to a tree, and when you are completely encompassed in bark you will find yourself at the gates of the dream sphere.
4 – Have the gatekeeper say his name backward: the gatekeeper to the dream sphere lives on Earth amongst us, however one must be warned that if humans try to access the secret portal opened by this incantation, the earth will suffer devastating disasters. This is what happened to the dinosaurs.
5 – Go into a coma: it is thought that sleeping takes one to the outskirts of the dream sphere, so it is logical to conclude that a very deep sleep would help one travel to the dream sphere.

Contact with the dream sphere through Floton meditation is still being researched, but with promising extrapolations.
"Did Cameo England go back to New Zealand?"
"No man, she was from the Dream Sphere the whole time!"
#dream sphere #dreamsphere #cameo england #flotons #mirror world #little people world #space time
by Rage of Kage May 07, 2008
The dead-conquering, e-famous, valiant knight of techno. Willytron has awed and inspired thousands with his hypnotizing hips and rainbow-sparkled glasses. Willytron's performance is available for viewing on youtube and facebook. But be fore-warned: Willytron may change your life.

Oh, and no, I didn't mean "Jillytron"
"Willytron looks like a cross between Elvis and a bag of amniotic fluid."
"I'm pretty sure that when God created e-infamy he had Willytron in mind."
#willytron #techno #candy #group sex #electronica #crystal castles #i will ferry you across this river
by Rage of Kage May 07, 2008
Liberal use of any saying, pun or other play on words that would, does, or should appear printed on an obnoxious t shirt.
Often spoken or quoted by annoying people who don't even own the shirt.
"The grass on the other side is really astroturf."

"It's all fun an games until someone loses an eye ... then its histerical!"

"Yes, thank you for that t shirt wisdom. Now please leave."
#t shirt #tshirt #wisdom #obnoxious #left-handed #astroturf #northern lights
by Rage of Kage May 14, 2008
The extra bit of material in guys' pants that allows wiggle room for their crotch. The crotch pocket is often evident in guys pants when folded in the middle. Girls' pants often do not have the crotch pocket, which is why guys will have to "tuck it in" when wearing them.
"Dude, these jeans have such a huge crotch pocket. I feel so free."
#crotch #pocket #jeans #pants #turkeybaster
by Rage of Kage May 07, 2008
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