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A crotch pocket is a woman's vagina. The word is useful in talking about a woman's vagina in mixed company without using common words.
I'll bet that bitch has a nice-looking crotch pocket.
by Shakira's Hips October 15, 2006
The fly in boxer briefs that can also be used as an inconspicuous pocket in which to secretly store items.
He hid the swiss army knife in his crotch pocket so his enemy would not descover it.

"Dude, where are we gonna hide the ganji?".. "Put it in your crotch pocket."
by slobobski April 06, 2010
When you take a hot pocket and vigorously use it as a dildo for a girl, And due to friction it heats up. When it reaches the level it's hot on the outside, yet still frozen on the inside, then the man eats it, soggy and Luke warm.
The best type of crotch pocket is a pepperoni one, because the vaginal juice really accents the zeztiness.
by Forevorhung December 19, 2014
The triangular balloon of fat between the belly button and privates that obese women and men display, especially when wearing tight pants, camel toe inclusive. It's not hot.
You: What the hell happened in your math class!? I could hear the sound two doors down, thought there was a fight.

Me: That was the sound of my professor's coffee smashing on the floor. She turned to explain something too fast and knocked it over with her crotch pocket.

You: Oh... eww.
by ivoryvoid July 11, 2011
1. The awkward pocket directly in front of the crotch that is created by the seam of some dresses and skirts.

2. A vagina or mangina.
1. I love the new skirts for the school uniforms. I bet I could carry all my books in this crotch pocket!

2. -Mike got laid last night! Well... Almost.
-Well he was aiming for her crotch pocket, but he missed.
by MommaElla December 19, 2009
The extra bit of material in guys' pants that allows wiggle room for their crotch. The crotch pocket is often evident in guys pants when folded in the middle. Girls' pants often do not have the crotch pocket, which is why guys will have to "tuck it in" when wearing them.
"Dude, these jeans have such a huge crotch pocket. I feel so free."
by Rage of Kage May 07, 2008
When sitting Indian-Style, (Native American-Style to be PC), the 'crotch pocket' is the little triangle where the legs cross.
'Yo, dude. Where is my Bic?'
'It's in my crotch pocket.'

When the cops rolled through, Capone hid the bowl and marijuana in his crotch pocket until they rolled past.
by MachZRo September 17, 2009
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