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6 definitions by Raf

Yet another Cape based yuppie factory.
Hey Tristan, wanna go to American Eagle after the lacrosse game? We can take the Explorer!
by Raf March 10, 2005
A combo of the words "rule" and "rock"
Fucking your sister rukes.
by Raf January 16, 2004
italian industrial chimney-smoke
mya godd, looka at a datta karnolli, ittsa thicke!!
by RAF January 03, 2006
dutch, industrial, chimney-smoke
damn, can you see that karnl?
by RAF April 22, 2005
a lot of; SoCals way of copying hella
what the fucks a grip, thats hella gay.
by Raf October 28, 2003
Matthew Kerry (not to be confused with Matthew Kelly! Although there is not much difference...)
I hate that Boss Eyed Badger Fucker
by Raf January 16, 2004