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A combo of the words "rule" and "rock"
Fucking your sister rukes.
by Raf January 16, 2004
(verb) The action of rocking out with your cock out.
"Kris and Scott ruke on a constant basis."
"Females cannot ruke as men can."
"CJ has ruked many times in the past."
"Gar, CJ, Scott, and Kris are constantly ruking from 3AM to 5:41AM. While defending the temple."
by RukerOmega September 30, 2005
1. To puke, but to do so in an awesome fashion. To 'rock' the act of puking, by being totally not gross about it.

2. To be awesome, and then puke stoically.
Ex. 1: That guy is totally gnarly, he is going to ruke, but he's awesome.

Ex. 2: After saving the world with his usual awesomeness, Charles ruked.
by star3473 April 26, 2010
To destory something through the use of knowledge.
A scientist could be said to ruke a creationist with his awesome scientific knowledge of the world and how it evolved, e.g. "Richard Dawkins totally ruked Ray Comfort!"
by LemonJess April 11, 2011

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