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(Adj.) Used to describe a state of consciouness where someone is "in the zone" at a party. Synonyms include: being crunk, going dumb, getting stupid.
Let's get thicke tonight.

I saw him at the party earlier, he was pretty thicke.
by J Spitz September 30, 2006
Pertaining to, or containing characteristics of Alan Thicke; opposite of thinne.
Man, that cut was thicke.
by Soiled Yak January 14, 2004
a multi talented dude who is sooo cute.
Thicke is a singer and writer. he wrote songs for christina aguilera, missy elliot, brian mc knight, ashanti, and the rest..........
he's a fuckin genius in music and he's cute!!
thicke isn't thick..
thats his last name
robin thicke
by dick December 02, 2003
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