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4 definitions by Radix

A term penned by the east bay funk group Tower of Power.

A condition that describes someone who lacks rhythm, is a bad dancer, or someone who is an all around stiff white boy.
The solution to this widespread problem is soul vaccination
That boy's got the honky pox
by Radix October 13, 2005
18 5
A method of getting high by filling a turkey baster with methamphetamine and water. The solution is then injected into the user's anus. This works along the lines of how a suppository works, and most methamphetamine users will not recommend it.
Tony got basted and jumped out a window.
by Radix October 12, 2005
11 13
A term used by musicians to describe one who excels at learning music by ear.
That dude has some serious elephant ears
by Radix October 13, 2005
7 18
To extract marijuana resin from paraphenlia, replace it as if to smoke it, and then add the remaining marijuana from that $25 bag of weed you waited two weeks for, and smoke the mixture.
We had to tar and feather or else the Simpsons wouldn't be as cool.
by Radix October 12, 2005
6 21