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Insult. Implies the person deals in cocks and likes nothing better than cocks. Think fishmongerer, but insert the word "cock" in the place of the word "fish".
1. Go and monger some cocks, you cockmongerer
by Rac^ January 10, 2003
Testicles and the testicular sac
1. He kicked me in the scrotes
2. Suck my hairy scrotes bitch
3. Scrotal McJimmeny
by Rac^ January 10, 2003
1. Used to describe a moment of good fortune

2. When you forget what you are meant to be saying mid-sentence.
1. "Razzle dazzle" said John, who had manage to remain undetected from a SWAT unit during a raid on his house by hiding under a carpet.

2. And so errr...razzle dazzle.
by Rac^ January 10, 2003
1. Popular piece of clothing worn on the head by homosexuals.

2. Derogatory term which compares the subject to a homosexual by suggesting they wear homosexual headwear. Can be used with almost any suffix (eg: man, cock, cockman etc).
1. Cage wore a variety of faghats.

2. Fuck off you faghat man.
by Rac^ January 10, 2003

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