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A fucktard who carries opinions regarded as fucktarded beyond any human norm, often discrimitory, offensive, and petty.
Example - discriminating against the elderly, proclaiming that 9/11 was planned by the US government.
Pl. Toobii.
Damn, why do you have to be such a toobis?
by Rabbit July 20, 2004
This is a person who is a jackass. He/she does not know what they are doing even when someone tells them. They pretend they are cool but dont realize the group which he is popular in only exists in his mind. They tend to come in peoples rooms and touch everything as if they have a compulsive disorder.
Jin-woo, student who failed semesters at Frostburg State University
by Rabbit November 23, 2003
A teen who is often looking for somewhere to "belong" can be sucked into the holder group. Emerging usually in their late junior to early senior high school years, a holder often attempts to look dangerous and "hardcore" by wearing black clothes with flames, ties, ripped clothes, pins and dying their extremely greasy hair. Many holders attempt to express their newfound angst through futile attempts at music with weak lyrics and useless strumming of untuned guitars in comfort zones like a cafeteria. Holders are named for their tendency to physically hold one another in public. These embraces occur frequently between various partners of both sexes and are often accompanied by lewd and disgusting groping and even sexual acts (these usually occur in slightly more removed but hardly private areas like courtyards). See New fad.
Q: Who the hell is playing that shitty music?
A: I don't know... some holder.
by Rabbit March 19, 2004
the above definition is incorrect, because a one ryan abbott in fact gets more pussy than oliver himself, its just that no one knows about it
oliver this should be a hint that something is going on you dont know about
by rabbit February 06, 2005
(P)rofessional (H)acker's (L)inux (A)ssult (K)it
A linux Distro that can be used as a live cd.
Dude, have u booted up phlak from the cd, it kicks ass compared to slackware. (slackware is also a very good linux distro)
by Rabbit March 10, 2004
A person who is the man.
Mike is the Kingcock of elgin.
by rabbit November 14, 2003
big ugly mother fucker
corey is such a bumf.
by rabbit February 06, 2005

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