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W.T.P = White Trash Party

W.T.P. is a song from Eminem's new album Recovery which is officially released today.
Ain't nothin' but a WTP! White Trash Party!
by Acwdhawle June 15, 2010
White Trash Party

As made famous by Eminem
So let's have us a little bash
And if anyone asks
If there ain't no one but us trash
You dunno, you better akse somebody
Cuz we're havin' a White Trash Party (W.T.P.)!
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- June 09, 2010
work the pussy (for males)
work the penis ( for females)
I told Michael to wtp when he was trying to get this girl.
by nygrl4eva March 11, 2010
What's the point. Mainly used by a group of people on twitter, whom are lead by Joe aka twitter user @ doritjoes.
"It's raining... Wtp"
by Twitttausaaaa March 11, 2014
What the postage stamp
a phrase only used by cool kids, when they dont want to get in trouble for saying something worse
Wtps chad asked me to prom!
by Ann Sue December 27, 2007
White trash pussy: A girl that comes straight from the incest trailer. Someone who tries to act classy but is obviously a hoe. Born in the country, raised in suburbs.
"Dude that is some straight WTP over there." "I know man, skirts and converses, you know she's dtf."

"That is some ratchet WTP."
by Papajohn0021 March 25, 2014
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