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In the movie Fast and the Furious, Brian (Paul Walker) races a FWD Eclipse rice car in a quarter mile drag, and in his haste to beat Dominic (Vin Diesel), used too much NOS and the laptop computer managing his engine told him an there was an imminent danger to his manifold. The metal floorboard for the passenger seat comes lose and flies off his car, somehow linking his manifold and his floorboard as being an integral part of his street racing machine.

Computer: Stage 1 Complete
Paul: <presses Stage 1 NOS button>
Computer: (beeping) Danger to Manifold!
Paul: "Shut up!" <slams shut laptop lid and presses Stage 2 NOS button>

This phrase can be used to describe anything that is bad and you want to reference the movie to make the situation funny.
Person 1: Hey dude, look how ugly that chick is!

#danger #manifold #fast #furious #paul walker #vin diesel
by RRCsteve November 11, 2007
A law between you and your broskis to make sure that when you're all out doing something, that you won't leave any of them behind for any reason.

This is a definition that spawned from the No Child Left Behind Act.
Friend 1: Dude, Mike is lagging behind.

Friend 2: You know the rules, no broski left behind act!

Friend 1: We'll have to go back and get him.
#nblba #nblb #no broski left behind #no broskie left behind #broski left behind
by RRCsteve March 08, 2009
Down To Hold Hands. A derivative of DTF, except instead of the person being down to fuck, which usually implies that they are not looking for a long-term relationship, DTHH implies that the person is.
Andy: That girl looks like she's DTHH.

Steve: She definitely looks like relationship material to me, you should go for it.
#dtf #dthh #down #hold #hands
by RRCsteve September 30, 2008
To ask someone how they know something to verify the accuracy. This makes fun of educational institutions that force you to always cite sources when you write a paper, but used in something much less formal.
Hey dude, I found out that she totally digs you.

How? Cite your sources!
#cite #your #sources #source #site
by RRCsteve October 28, 2008
Something you tell a person when you want to show your dominance over them. Most popularly known for its use in the movie "The Fast and the Furious", where Johnny Tran (portrayed by Rick Yune) forces Ted, the guy with the engines, to tell him where there are.

Can easily be used as a response to anyone who asks you for a favor, or to make them feel like an insignificant human being. Or more simply, to get those Spoon engines for your Honda S2000 to make it a ten second car.
Hey Ted, kiss my shoes?
#kiss my shoes #my shoes #my shoe #kiss my #kiss my shoe
by RRCsteve December 08, 2010
An ambiguous term that can be applied to describe something that is open to interpretation, in order to disguise it's true meaning. Used to be vague about the true nature of what is being discussed. The more it doesn't make sense, the better.
Steven: What does 'undress the mule' mean?
Scott: It means to undress the mule.
Steven: How do I undress the mule on undressing the mule?
Scott: Well, what do you think? How would one undress a mule?
Kyle: The more important question is, do you believe?
Steven: Do I believe in undressing the mule?
Kyle: No. Do you believe?
Steven: ...
#undress #undressing #mule #undress the mule #undressing the mule #ambiguous #vague
by RRCsteve June 24, 2011
Short for 'judgement hammer'. A figurative object that is referenced to indicate a person who is being judgemental or prejudice.

Commonly used for calling someone out or describing a person that makes snap judgements.
Jordan: I didn't get a good vibe from her last night.

Steve: Don't go throwing the j hammer, you barely even talked with each other!
#j #hammer #judgement #prejudice #judgemental
by RRCsteve February 08, 2011
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