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25 definitions by RNPS

Suntanning nude. No tan line. Typically a guy referring to including tanning his genitals.
Anyone want to go to Black's Beach? I need to bake the steak.
by RNPS January 05, 2008
a male who masterbates, flog the log, choke the chicken, jack off
Dick: Hey Condy, have you seen W?
Condy: Ya, he went to spackle the toilet, again.
Dick: AGAIN?!
Condy: Ya, you'd think he'd be more concerned about our economy being in the shitter!
Dick: What a dick!
by RNPS April 27, 2008
The nasty, painful, stinky shit one takes after a holiday feast.
Dude 1: I just took the most disgusting holidump - greasy, runny, chunky with sputters and it smelled like something died in there.
Dude 2: What the hell did you eat?!
Dude 1: Christmas duck, lasagna, and lobster chili.
by RNPS December 27, 2007
The type of hard-on guys get in a car, usually while driving over a continuously bumpy road.
Guys in a car going on a camping trip:
Hey - check-out Jake - he's asleep, but has a c'ard-on.
That's funny!

Guy thinking to himself:
Damn bumpy road - giving me a c'ard-on.
by RNPS June 18, 2007
a long, gassy day due to a recent meal's digestion.
Ugh! Last night's chilli cook-off is causing today's air train...I can't stop farting!
by RNPS February 05, 2009
When a guy spooges right above the ass crack of black guy.
Last Friday night, I was giving it hard to JoJo, that Big Black Guy who's usually here for his Pink Martinis, when he asked me to give him a White Tail Buck!
by RNPS August 28, 2010
An excuse guys or lesbians will use when they're either not interested in a woman or taking a break from women (typically after a break-up).
Implying one is wearing a patch similar to a smoker's nicotine patch.
Whore in bar: Come on, baby! Give me some of your sweet meat!
Man in bar: Sorry, ma'am...I'm on the snatch patch.
by RNPS April 30, 2008