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An excuse guys or lesbians will use when they're either not interested in a woman or taking a break from women (typically after a break-up).
Implying one is wearing a patch similar to a smoker's nicotine patch.
Whore in bar: Come on, baby! Give me some of your sweet meat!
Man in bar: Sorry, ma'am...I'm on the snatch patch.
by RNPS April 30, 2008
Walking around with your cock hanging out your unzipped shorts or pants.
One night after taking a piss in the alley, I decided to keep it out and walk the dog.
by RNPS July 30, 2009
In group sex, when men gather around a fat, hairy man (the bear) and jack-off on him. Some may chant "gummy bear" repeatedly.
Dude, I was at this wild sex party last night - we gave this guy a gummy bear.
by RNPS August 06, 2007
Giving someone anal sex.
I was stirring the tuna casserole when I popped-out and accidentally gave her a stick in the mud.
by RNPS May 26, 2008

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