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The resulting movement of people from a crowded space to a more open one. A floorplan with a circular path that allows one to not be trapped in an area. A good example is a kitchen with openings on two sides.
Person 1: "Thankfully, this house has great partyflow."
Person 2: "Ya, we didn't get trapped in the kitchen with only one way out."
Person 1: "I almost felt like I was squeezed-out the other side."
by RNPS September 26, 2007
Where you go to drop a Deuce - the bathroom.
Person 1: Where's John? Our meeting's about to start.
Person 2: He went to the casino.
by RNPS May 15, 2007
An updated term for "in the closet" thanks to Idaho Senator Larry Craig.
This is either a closeted homosexual or closeted bi-curious, typically religious and/or Republican living in denial.
girl 1: "Hey, he's kinda cute."
girl 2: "Hells ya, but I've heard he's in the stall...in the stall to get some ball."
by RNPS October 30, 2007
A dreadlock combined with a log.
1) "Get the scissors - the dog has a dreadlog!"
2) "That's the last time I get some from a cheap crack whore - I found a dreadlog hanging from her taint!"
by RNPS October 24, 2007
A guy fondling himself by grabbing his cock on the outside of his pants and squeezing in a rolling manner to cause the shaft to swell and get noticed.
Whore 1: "Ooo - check him out!"
Whore 2: "Nice! He's rolling the cigar! Times to go gets me some!"
by RNPS April 13, 2008
Not being cleaned-up to interact with others. This could include recently taken a dump, not being showered, not having brushed teeth, &/or dirty home.
I'd love to have you over now, but I'm too third world.

Man, she smells third world.
by RNPS May 15, 2007
A condom found in the gutter or on the street. Typically out of the wrapper and used.
I was walking the dog and noticed a gutter trout floating in the water.
by RNPS July 27, 2010
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