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Something that looks well nice
"Man that Merc is Polish Blud!"
by RMF June 01, 2004
Originating from Hertfordshire, means money or cash, from Treasure.
Also spelt
Man, I wish I could but I iz low on trezah
by RMF May 25, 2004
Something that is bad, very very bad
"You threw up on my Mother? Thats Futched Man!"
by RMF June 01, 2004
Greeting between two fellow gangtaz
"Blau Biznatch!"
by RMF June 01, 2004
When a woman has a boyfriend/husband
"Nah man, she plug'd"
by RMF June 01, 2004
A Goodbye
"Aiit man, Peep you ina' whizzle"
by RMF June 01, 2004
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