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A small town located in the Southeastern section of Connecticut. Most commonly associated as a throughway for such attractions at the world famous Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Indian Casino as well as the United States Naval Submarine Base and Training School.
Where is Gales Ferry?
right in between Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.
Ohh yah, I've gambled there alot!
by RGG July 20, 2006
Baconing (verb): the act of enjoying bacon.
We were baconing all last night.

Mary was baconing instead of doing her homework.

As the earth was being attacked by aliens, Jimmy was completely fine because he was baconing.

Stan was caught baconing alone by his wife.
by rgg April 11, 2012
1) a private university located in West Haven,CT which actually started as a business school at Yale University. The now known University of New Haven was then called New Haven College and then moved onto Boston Post Road in West Haven, right on the New Haven line.

2) shit hole loaded with fire,ems,and police whackers
UNH is a shitty overpriced private college
by RGG July 20, 2006

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