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1. Opposite of Rock
2.Black people talking (not signing) about how they grew up in the ghetto.
3.Racialy confused white people talking about how they think that they grew up in the ghetto ( Beverly Hills as opposed to The Bronx. What's the big dif right? lol)

...I was gonna bang some hoe...but then I got high,
I was gonna buy some food...but then I got high,
I was gonna rob a bank...but then I got high...

Some 80's rap/hip-hop song that popped up in my head...Not exactly the actual words but you get the idea
by Punkundrcovr69 November 04, 2005
Greatest world power that ever existed. And all of you who say otherwise should go and read up a bit more before you open your mouth. Russia reppeled Germans twice (WW1 & WW2)plus it also defended the armenians against the genocide attempted by the turks and I am not even going to get into another countless disputes it settled.
It fell because of one pussy named Gorbichov who gave in to the capitalists. If the soviet union would still be here today it would be by far the strongest country/union in the world.
Just because you think Soviet Union was "evil" doesn't make it even close to the truth. Today some countries hate america and think it is an "anti-god" country, but that isn't true either... I admit it had some flaws but who doesn't? Just look at America's current president. National treasure? Think not...
But what it really comes down to is this: Some people just could never understand anothers point of views and vise versa and just bluntly argue their own biased opinions.
Soviet Union = Communist Power
by Punkundrcovr69 November 02, 2005

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is caused by the HIV virus. Can be transmited by having intercourse or by AIDS carriers giving blood donations.By rumors it usually is common among gay men.
Some beleive the history of AIDS originated somewhere in Africa where some genious tried having relations with a chempanzee who was the carrier of AIDS.But this cannot be 100% proven.
Many people tend to beleive that AIDS kills you. Well it doesn't, it just leads to the events that kill you. It gradually destroyes your immune system until your body is too weak to repel any bacteria that enter the body which results in death. Although there isn't any known cure for AIDS, there are medications that increase people's long term survival.
Magic Johnson caught AIDS in the late 1980's
by Punkundrcovr69 November 04, 2005
Stalin was a hardass motherfucker who made the USSR into a major world power. And here is a little "fyi" for all of you ignorant pricks. Most of the countries who joined soviet union WANTED to join the Soviet Union, no force involved. You know why? Because Russia took up almost half of the motherfucking globe.Everybody knew that they sided with a powerfull ally.Remember the armenian genocide? Yeah, guess who saved their asses from the Turks. If it wasn't for Russia armenians would've been wiped out from the face of the earth.

Why do you think capitalists wanted Soviet Union to fall?
Because they couldn't stand the idea of another country being more powerfull then they are.And of course that's why they ranted about "oh communism is so evil". What's so evil about it? The idea behind communism is simple - "everybody is equal" Everybody gets the same privelages, no one is higher then someone else. When you were a middle class worker in Soviet Union at one time the goverment would GIVE you (for free) food, apartment, even a vacation. All of that for FREE, just because you were a hardworking citizen?
If you don't beleive me , research it... And now tell me, if you call that evil? Of course communism doesn't work perfectly in a human society because we haven't reached "that level" yet. But the idea is ideal.
And now take capitalism, if you want to talk about something evil. Capitalism depends on wealthy high class people, underminding the common folk. Therefore everybody is greedy and always wanting more and more. And that is how the system collapses.

Now back to Stalin...Yes he killed millions of his own people, yes he ruled with an iron fist but that had to be done in order to enforce law. Think about WW2, if Stalin would've been a little pussy and just said "Oh, okay you can fight if you want to but...you know...you don't really have to" - If that would've happened then the nazis would've taking over the whole Russia in a matter of months. Because think about it, without a strict leader, armies would've just surrendered. There would've been chaos everywhere.
But instead Stalin showed the nazis whos the boss and kicked their asses all the way to fucking Berlin.
Then came the aftermath of World War 2, I don't know if you guys know what it feels like when half of your country is laying in ruins but that's what happened to Russia. Half of the country just wiped out. Do you think all of that would ever been rebuilt if people wouldn't get of their asses? Because it is in human nature to sit on your ass until somebody forces you to get up. And that was what Stalin did.

Okay,Im sorry I went off on a rant here but ignorant people just piss me off.My final point is that although Stalin's ways were ruthless they got the job done.And beleive me if USSR wanted world domination they would've done so a loooong time ago.Afterall they were the strongest world power.
P.S. Just because your parents told you communism = bad, capitalism = good doesn't make that true and just because you've decided to jump on "USSR sucks" bandwagon doesn't make your views right either. The way I see it is that you don't even have a say in this until you've done your research.

And to clear things up, I am not saying Stalin was a great leader, he was actually pretty brutal but I can understand his views and agree with some of them...
by Punkundrcovr69 October 31, 2005
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