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Animated porn, Nicely drawn woman having sex or posing.
To clear something up, it is NOT porn that only "geeks" jack off to. if you think about it all porn would be for "geeks" since Pixels are just colours and thats what an image is made out off, oh yes thats right I did just own a bunch of narrow minded pricks. Hentai and Animated porn is ok, but just dont get too attached, where else can you see Jessica rabbit's pussy? or some made orgy with good looking woman getting raped
Dude 1: Check Belle fuckin Jessica rabbit
Dude 2: errm, thats not hentai
Dude 1: true but this is
Dude 2: sweet, raped bitches.
by Psyko September 10, 2005
Be a total idiot whos music just sux
"You are like ja rule, this means I insulted you badly"
by PsYKo July 08, 2003
Stands for "Dropping The Kids Off At The Pool" or "Drop The Kids Off At The Pool"

Meaning: To goto the toilet, and let out a couple of shits.
I'll be back in a minute im just going to dtkoatp
by PsYko February 03, 2005
to masterbate with sandpaper
I wanted to try something new last night. I saw some extra sandpaper sitting there so I did a Pinnochio on myself!

Talking to you is about as much fun as doing a Pinnochio....
by PSYKO May 10, 2014
A city in Goa that's filled with cows and tiny streets. Everyone who goes there comes back with an insufferable expression of utter stupidity. I love Margao. All my friends are stupid. And there's a dirty park right in the middle where gay men hold hands and take afternoon siestas on the grass..
"OMG! Look at all these cows!!"

"Yeah.. Reminds me of the time i spent in Margao"
by psyko July 16, 2012
A combination of the words "Cheesey" and "House", meaning Cheesey House.
"What sort of music do you think they'll be playing?"

by PsYko February 01, 2005
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