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.357 magnum gun/revolver aka trey pound seven
i keep that .357 on me at all times because revolvers save a lot of problems.
by prophet December 19, 2004
1. The mental condition of thinking that one has become a cat.
2. To act out the mannerisms of a feline (e.g.: purring, affectionate nuzzling, pouncing, etc)
2. My girlfriend is a galeanthrope: she's always pouncing and biting me.
by Prophet December 18, 2004
Latin verb meaning "to cut" or "to kill".

The word "suicide" has etymological roots in the Latin phrase "sui caedere", meaning "to kill oneself".

Used in the slang phrase "caedere'd", which apparently means "to be subjected to dragon pornography against one's will."
From Cicero's "Pro Milone":

"... partim, quod hunc iam interfectum putarent, caedere incipiunt eius servos..."


"... some of them, having thought that he had already been killed, began to kill his slaves..."
by prophet January 19, 2005
A scale, rated from 1 to 10, who's purpose is to rate how much of a negro you are.
ex1. That Pennsylvania asshole driving on Rt 80 in NJ at 45 mph, rahter then the posted 65 mph, is a 6 on the Negrometer.
by Prophet June 19, 2003
a common misspelling of "wordpsyche"
"you're hot... Syke!"
"you moron, it's spelled psyche!"
by Prophet August 21, 2003
Something said by pirates.
Hikeeba, Rasro, Bleesty Bramful!
by Prophet August 19, 2003
Similar to a putz. Somneone fat and stupid, usually recognized by a huge head.
Dave Matthews is a doot roll
by Prophet September 25, 2003

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