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9 definitions by PrincetonTiger

The supposedly brilliant people who run our government who fuck everything up beyond belief.
Our current economic, political and military mess is an example of work of The League of Morons.

From Burn After Reading:

CIA Boss about complicated case involving murders, affairs,etc.:

"Report back to me when ... I don't know ... when it makes sense."

by PrincetonTiger October 26, 2008
A condition that occurs when someone feels intense internal pressure to display patriotic images, especially bald eagles, particularly when the eagle is itself colored with stars and stripes.

Excessive use of flags as backdrops on large screens as if to send a subliminal message.
Tony:"What do you think of The Colbert Report's new design? Pretty amazing graphics."

Amy: "I don't know. Think he's getting pretty Eaglemaniacal."
by PrincetonTiger February 05, 2010
The 2008 Democractic Presidential/Vice Presidential candidates
"Who are you voting for, Marilyn?"

"I'm looking for change but someone who knows how Congress works. I'm voting for Jobama! Better than McPain."
by princetontiger October 20, 2008
When people are talking as though they had a Bluetooth device on but they don't.
Who is Marilyn talking to?

She's on Virtual Bluetooth.
by PrincetonTiger October 18, 2008
A system or corporation that, without human intervention or action, will self-destruct.
Steve:"Two feet of snow in Washington, D.C. tomorrow. That ought to slow them down."

Marilyn:"Naw, the government is on autoscrew."
by PrincetonTiger February 04, 2010
Reflexive stupidity.
Charlotte: My psychomom is twitter-stalking me!
Galen: That's so idiotmatic!
Charlotte: N.S. Sherlock!
by PrincetonTiger November 28, 2009
The 2008 Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket.
"Who you voting for, Marilyn?"

"Dunno. McPain or Jobama? I'll decide when I get to the poll, if it's the right poll and the line isn't too long."
by PrincetonTiger October 20, 2008