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the one word description for the 2008 Democratic nominees for President and Vice President; combination of Joe Biden's first name and Barack Obama's last name
Hey, looks like the tabloids won't get to have all of the fun with combining names of celebrity couples, i.e., Brangelina and Bennifer....looks like it's taking over politics now that Jobama is on the scene!
#biden #obama #barack #democrats #president
by Puntiff August 23, 2008
The 2008 Democractic Presidential/Vice Presidential candidates
"Who are you voting for, Marilyn?"

"I'm looking for change but someone who knows how Congress works. I'm voting for Jobama! Better than McPain."
#obama #joe biden #presidential candidate #democratic ticket #democrats #2008
by princetontiger October 20, 2008
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