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'blee' is a word which preceeds another explaining 'surprise' , anticipation, sexual anxiety, remorse, extreme stomach gas containment, etc.. Blee may sound like "Believe" shortened to "Bleeeeve in the Lord" but can only be heard in Louisiana.
1) "BLEE, oh damn, that gas is causing me wild stomach pain
2) "Blee that Blee Johnny", heard frequently at the Monkey Cave, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
3) "blee....p.....blee...p" the sound of a horn trying to sound but running on a very weak battery.
by Princess Peussie March 23, 2005
The term comes from the Portland, Oregon area, ca 1970, and is used as a name for a swollen, somewhat salty and rancid vagina
"Dude, her slashburger would feed an army and it's low carb IF one doesn't gag on it"
by Princess Peussie April 05, 2005
A Southern term to a penis which has been overly circumcized so that it grows at strange angles. When erect, it causes severe pain to the male to whom it is attached.
"Ouch, damn, my slim-jim-dimeAdozen really hurts after that stroke festival"
by Princess Peussie March 23, 2005
Skimmer is a guy who "rides the top of the crest" during sex! Skimming is just bouncing off a partner's 'rear-end', quick insertion, then pulling out, leaving the sodomized partner feeling rather hungry for alot more.
"That dude made me want more and more of the sauce, but he wasn't very deep, just another skimmer"
by Princess Peussie March 22, 2005
South Dakota term for "a very swollen, tight vagina" usually seen in North Korean during winter; other rapping-jacks can refer to the little outfits you can purchase to cover you rapping-jack(et) problem. Much money has been made from rapping-jack jackets; the vagina or "pussy" nevertheless stays very tight and swollen.
"Whoa DUDE, it tried to put my totem pole into her rapping-jack and that chick screamed something chinese at me...said later I had creamed on her rapping-jack jacket"
by Princess Peussie April 09, 2005
skidders: from Alabama (ca 1940)
refers to stains in a man's underpants, from the lack of use of toilet paper after an evacuation
"He wanted me to rim him, but I noticed the skidders in his jockeys and said NOT UNTIL YOU CLEAN UP YOUR ACT"
by Princess Peussie March 24, 2005
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