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Found among the Royal Court of Princess Peussie and her sister Princess Fluff, the word BLEE is usually followed by JOHNNY....making it Blee Johnny; this expression of joy only happens when a member of this royal family has had a great bowel evacuation without use of enemas or colonic irrigations!
"Blee Johnny, THAT was a good blow out of my bowels"
"Here it comes and I think it's going to be a major BLEE JOHNNY"
by Rob Jackson April 12, 2005
'blee' is a word which preceeds another explaining 'surprise' , anticipation, sexual anxiety, remorse, extreme stomach gas containment, etc.. Blee may sound like "Believe" shortened to "Bleeeeve in the Lord" but can only be heard in Louisiana.
1) "BLEE, oh damn, that gas is causing me wild stomach pain
2) "Blee that Blee Johnny", heard frequently at the Monkey Cave, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
3) "blee....p.....blee...p" the sound of a horn trying to sound but running on a very weak battery.
by Princess Peussie March 23, 2005
A blunt. Bleezy, unrolled cigar refilled and rerolled with marijuana
took a blee to the face n its overrr kidd K/O
by KidAbw August 13, 2008
A replacement for "he, she" in the case of someone not wishing to be referred to as he or she. Also works for the replacement of him or her as blem.

Original credit to Lyle McDouchebag (, 2014-03-04)
"Blee was my friend before. But ever since blee referred to me as "he", I have been denying the existence of blem."
by bigmak93 March 04, 2014
Pronoun: If someone isn't comfortable with He or She, you MUST refer to them as their preferred pronoun, one of which being Blee.
Dude1: He was really going wild last night.

Dude(?)2: I believe you mean, Blee was... It's the 21st century!
by The Foaming Vagoo March 06, 2014
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