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A really bad swear word used if you have done something stupid, broken something or just as an insult to a fat motherfucker son of a bitch whore.
Billy: "Jim is falling down the stairs!"

by PotatoChip May 17, 2003
When a person who can't stop talking and what they are talking about is non sense or bullshit they are is refered to as "dribbling".
Jeff: "He said he fucked four chicks all at once."
Bob: "Did you tell him he was dribbling."

"Tom was dribbling so I knocked him the fuck out!"
by PotatoChip May 23, 2003
1. The person who gave birth to you. That is unless you: are a clone, a testube baby, a beaker baby, have homosexual parents.
2. An insult of the highest order that can be used for any comeback you can think of.
Bob: "You're a fag Bill, a FAG!"
Bill: "Your mum!"

by PotatoChip May 23, 2003
A person, similar to a testtube baby, who was a fatass baby and therefore too large to fit in the testtube so they were placed in a beaker.
by PotatoChip May 03, 2003
I don't know what the fuck it means, it just sounds like "go hug a fucker". Probably used when you are drunk or under the influence and need a hug.
Mandy: "I think Joe, you've had a few to many beers".
by PotatoChip May 25, 2003
A person of German descent that is a complete idiot.
"Deiter is an hotzohplot."
by PotatoChip May 17, 2003
1. The bomb
2. Something or someone that you like who is great, awesome, wonderful, cool etc.
"That movie was the fhoshissdig!"

"She's the fhoshissdig!"

"That song is the fhoshissdig!"
by PotatoChip June 01, 2003

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