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When a guy is watching a porno or sees a super fine chick, their mouth drops to the floor, they start drooling and then something in their pants goes "buddabing".
"That chick makes me go buddabing".

"Now again, it's buddabing time".
by PotatoChip May 24, 2003
1. Someone who is extremely hungry.
2. Abreviation of "Fucking Hungry".
"I'm fungry"
"I'm so fungry"
by PotatoChip March 24, 2003
1. Another word for shit or fuck. Used when someone has done something stupid or as a comeback or as a general insult
"Go gaf yourself, bitch."

Ted: "Yo mama is so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on the bathroom scale."
Bob: "GAF"
by PotatoChip May 17, 2003
1. Someone who has the mental capacity or IQ of their shoe size.
2. An abnormally large, dopey bastard with the brain of a fly.
3.Also see Alex Glumac
"That guy's a stooge!"
"What a stooge!"
by PotatoChip March 24, 2003
A person who has certain characteristics of an animal such as hairyness, particular body parts, behaviour etc.
"That guys got more hair then a bear what a animal."
"You're hairy like animal."
"He'll fuck any object that moves what a animal."
"He ate that hamburger in one bite what a animal."
by PotatoChip May 17, 2003
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