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Seriously. Has nobody ever told these brainless celebrity twats that there exists a garment called BRASSIERE? What kinds of exhibitionist morons go around wearing clothes which might reveal a private body part at any given moment, anyway?
Tara Reid: your nipple is ugly.
by PoopyPoo August 21, 2005
A band that sung about how Radio Still Sucks, and then went on to be on MTV.
Can you spell "poseur]"?
by PoopyPoo March 30, 2005
Basically means "why are you...", as in "why are you having sexual relations with my wife, friend?"
Or, as most of us would put it:

"Where the fuck do you get off fucking my wife, asshole!?"
by PoopyPoo April 30, 2005
An oxymoron. A capitalist society cannot be anarchist, simply because wealth equals power. Whenever someone gets rich, he gains power over others, thus effectively nullifying all principles anarchism is predicated upon.
Proponents of anarcho-capitalism and other right-wing libertarians only want the state off their backs so they can exploit the workers even more.
by PoopyPoo September 08, 2005
A clothing company that uses sweatshops to manufacture clothes. Boycott it.
I'd buy a pair of Guess? jeans if they weren't so fucking ugly, cost so fucking much and made by 8-year-old kids.
by PoopyPoo March 13, 2005
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