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42 definitions by PoopyPoo

aka Brüe. Homestar's favourite beverage.
What's that supposed to stand for? Witches' brew?
by PoopyPoo November 25, 2004
A person who receives pleasure from ingesting excrement, human or otherwise. Often used pejoratively of a person who is deemed annoying, ignorant or in any other way disagreeable.
Fuck off you shitmuncher.
by PoopyPoo October 25, 2004
A portmanteau of "fucking faggot".
Go fuck yourself, you fuckot, that definition sucked.
by PoopyPoo July 14, 2005
A war in which the attacked country poses no direct or imminent threat to the attacker. To be differentiated from preemptive war, in which the attacker is in clear danger of being attacked.

The US is an old hand at staging preventive wars. Through clever use of propaganda to infuse nationalism and support for its wars among the population it is able to attack and invade sovereign countries under the guise of "liberation" or "preemptive attack".

See also War with Iraq.
I'll go and punch a blind person in a wheelchair on the street and call it a preventive attack. He was clearly going for my wallet!
by PoopyPoo July 14, 2005
A phrase upon uttering of which you effectively rid yourself of an undesired partner after sexual intercourse.
You: Oh baby, that was great. How much do I owe ya?
A girl: Fuck you! I ain't no fucking whore! *leaves*
by PoopyPoo December 05, 2004
To pass gas. To break wind. To fart.
Dude, I'ma detonate.
by PoopyPoo March 15, 2005
Truncated form of "ma nigga".
Hey yo, what up money?
by PoopyPoo March 17, 2005