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v. Irritating occurrence in which an annoying friend or colleague attempts to reach a person on their cell phone twice or more before leaving a voice mail.
That guy is pathetic! Last night he did the double call, who does he think he is?
by PoopedOn April 19, 2009
Used as both noun and verb. The resuck is a phenomenon in which a person is struck with horrible luck early, and later finds themselves to be extremely fortunate.

This term is most popularly used in poker.
I was all in with three of a kind on the flop. That fucker sucked out a flush on the turn, but I resucked on the river with a full house.
by PoopedOn April 05, 2009
Phenomenon in which your shit 'corks' itself. When you first start taking a corker, the begining is like a regular poop, but after you've passed an inch or so, the rest squirts -- you've uncorked your bowels.
"That Panda Express gave me a huge corker last night!"

"I feel so much better, I just had to take a corker."
by PoopedOn April 11, 2009
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