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Used as both noun and verb. The resuck is a phenomenon in which a person is struck with horrible luck early, and later finds themselves to be extremely fortunate.

This term is most popularly used in poker.
I was all in with three of a kind on the flop. That fucker sucked out a flush on the turn, but I resucked on the river with a full house.
by PoopedOn April 05, 2009
In poker when both players are all in and the worse player also with a bad hand gets lucky and beats the skilled player with the better hand. But then the player that originally had the best hand improves his hand in a way that beats the other guys lucky hand.
I turned over top two pair and the idiot turned over a 9 high flush draw. Then the lucky donk sucked out on me and hit his flush on the turn, but luckily i Re sucked on him and made a full house on the river, haha serves him right.
by wildturkey69 August 12, 2010
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