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A roll-your-own cigarette
He's smokin' a rolly, he must be low on cash again.
by Pooge June 01, 2006
nasty smelling mixture of vaginal secretions and sweat which accumulates when a woman doesn't wash for a period of time. The female variety of dick cheese.
dude... i couldn't go down on her... she smelled like crotch cheese!
by Pooge June 01, 2006
One who spends an excessive amount of time on the microphone, particularly in yahoo chatrooms and other voice chats. May or may not imply that they talk in a seductive, flirty or 'whore-ish' manner.
People sometimes confuse her for a mic whore, but really it's just that she always seems to be font fuct.
by Pooge June 01, 2006
A term used in chatrooms to describe the phenomena of nothing you're typing showing up in the chatroom. This occurs frequently in yahoo chatrooms.
Am I font fuct? Or is everyone just ignoring me?
by Pooge June 01, 2006
to masturbate, especially as it applies to women.
I'm gonna have to masturub tonight if he doesn't come over.
by Pooge June 01, 2006
1)to ejaculate on something or someone
2)to get ones menstrual period (this expression is used this way in certain parts of the UK)
3)to come online, particularly to sign into an instant messaging program, to enter a chatroom, etc.
1)If you pull out, don't come on the quilt my grandma made me.
2)You seem a bit moody today; are you about to come on?
3)I wish Fox would come on so I can kick her ass at literati.
by pooge June 01, 2006
Combination of pedo (as in pedophile) and poser.
Refers to a pedophile who poses as a minor in chat rooms to lure children.
S/he claims they're 15, but nobody has ever seen or heard them, so they could be a pedoposer.
by Pooge June 01, 2006

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