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when elastic banded jeans/SLACKS/pants are pulled up WAY past the waist!! (not flattering) Usually accompanied by a sexy cardigan boasting birds or wildlife, and accessorized with a quilted purse. Also known as high pantsing..
HAHAHAHAHA!! Check out the douche wearing the MOM JEANS and fanny pack. What a loser!!!
by pones McChicken fingaz November 01, 2003
When one wears a scarf indoors as a fashion statement ( or in warm weather )
"OMI-LOSER!! Look at the scarvy! I can't believe she's wearing that gay Burberry scarf in the mall.And doesn't she realize Burberry went out a year ago? ICK!!!"
by pones McChicken Fingaz March 01, 2004
when you've spent a grand old day throwing back chili dogs n' beer, and all of a sudden you need to make a run for the border because your ass is about to burst! you've all been there. and the holocaust part of the day is that there is no bathroom in sight, and ya crap thy pants. it's good stuff!
" uggh.. Amy, if we don't find a bathroom real soo-eh.. I've got intestinal holocaust in- ( it squirts out ) Never mind.. I took care of business! "
by pones mcChicken fingaz July 23, 2003
when you have the unfortunate luck of being hung like a field mouse
josh m from J Alexander's, Mi
by pones McChicken Fingaz December 09, 2003
a mewper who mewps and mewps until she can no longer mewp anymore
that crazy pones won't stop mewping!
by pones mcchicken fingaz August 04, 2003
the friendliest person in the world: shawna donkey. always smiling and boasting a positive attitude. Shawna DONNNNNNNNNKEEEEEEEEYY!! Donkey punch that donkey in the McDonkey!! HOO HA!!
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWNNNNNNNKKKKEEEYYYY!!! gimme some donkey love, yea.... punch that donkey in the ass.. yea. donkey donkey donkey donkey .. HEE HAW!!
by Pones McChicken Fingaz August 17, 2003
can be a person, place or thing...
"Get all the crazy swashbucklers together, and we'll swash it on over to the Swashbuckler ( in Treasure Island Hotel-Las Vegas ) and have ourselves a swashbuckling good old time
by pones McChicken Fingaz August 05, 2003
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