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1. A derisive term for older suburbs that are declining into poverty. The word is a combination of "Slum" and "Suburbia."

2. The bleak future for many aging American suburbs.

3. What happens when people refuse to take urban planning seriously.

Slumburbia is almost always found in large metro areas. As middle-class residents move farther and farther away from the urban core, the closer-in suburbs start to deteriorate. Property values fall leading to reduced local tax revenue, decreased public services, declining schools and increasing crime, especially gang activity. This vicious circle continues for years until the suburb itself is no longer distinguishable from the large city it borders.

Examples of Slumburbia: Hamtramck, Michigan; Somerville, Massachusetts; Camden, New Jersey; and Compton, California.
My hometown is turning into Slumburbia. You can hear gunfire there almost every night.
by Peter Kobs March 09, 2010
1. The inescapable "tipping point" where people lose their sex appeal, status or eligibility because of advancing age.

2. The process now affecting most Baby Boomers in the United States.

3. Why the Rolling Stones won't be touring again soon.
They won't let David play in the band anymore. He's Aging Out!
by Peter Kobs July 31, 2009
1. The act of banning any Taliban member from a specific area or activity.

Examples include: Crossing a border, entering a city, serving on a tribal committee or boarding an airplane. In some cases, local governments are trying to recruit ex-Taliban members into the fold, providing a way out from "Talibanishment."

2. The continuing effort by Pakistani and Afghani officials to eliminate Taliban violence by labeling specific individuals or groups as terrorists.

3. An extremely difficult task.
Mustafa won't be coming to Lahore for the soccer game next week. He's been Talibanned.
by Peter Kobs January 04, 2010
1. A low-level official who wields great power in a bureaucratic system -- the opposite of an "overloard."

2. Someone who can make your life miserable by enforcing obscure rules and regulations in a sadistic manner.

3. The true power brokers of bureaucracy.
Don't upset Marvin! He's the Underlord of the insurance claims division. With one click of a button, he can double your premiums or deny you coverage.
by Peter Kobs December 11, 2009
1. Cash that's urgently needed (usually by a teenager) to purchase additional cell phone minutes. 2. The reason why pre-paid cell phones are so cheap.
"Dad! I need some Minute Money so my girlfriend can text me after the party tonight."
by Peter Kobs July 08, 2009
1. An old car that doesn't qualify for the $4,500 cash trade-in incentive from the government because it gets more than 15 mpg.
2. The sudden realization that your old beater vehicle is lost in the twilight zone between "generally worthless" and "totally worthless," forcing you to keep driving it for another year -- at least.
"I just looked up the mileage for my 1996 RAV4. The stupid Junker Flunker gets 16 mpg, which means I won't be getting any of that government cash after all. Drat!"
by Peter Kobs July 29, 2009
1. Shorthand for "pay as you go." This zippy little term was used by President Obama in February 2010 to describe his new approach to federal spending and fiscal discipline.

2. The opposite of "buy now, pay later."

3. An idea whose time has not yet come, at least not on Capitol Hill.
"Let's invest $58 billion in a new Highway to Nowhere up there in Alaska. It'll stimulate the economy for sure!"

"No way, buddy. We're on the Paygo plan now."
by Peter Kobs February 14, 2010

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