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A cheap, diseased, homeless, homosexual prostitute. Pronounced whoa-t.
After contracting AIDS, Brian became a whote, turning tricks for measly amounts of drugs.
by PeteRepeat September 22, 2006
1. A parked police vechicle used to slow traffic, but no actual officer is in or around it.

2. A security gaurd, rent-a-cop, public safety, etc...
I got a ticket from the Faux Po just because i parked over three handicapped spots.
by PeteRepeat May 17, 2006
noun. A derogatory term for people of Mexican decent, similar to sand nigger for those of Arab decent.
"I'm tired of all those sombrero niggers hopping the fences into this country."
by PeteRepeat August 28, 2007
noun, a penis after having anal sex with the recipient having diarrhea.
Brian thought AIDS was the worst of his problems, until he saw his dirty water dog.
by PeteRepeat October 24, 2006
After copulation, a partner makes a mustache and/or beard with semen on the other partner.
After the blow job, he gave her a Santa Claus.
by PeteRepeat September 30, 2006

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