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A cheap, diseased, homeless, homosexual prostitute. Pronounced whoa-t.
After contracting AIDS, Brian became a whote, turning tricks for measly amounts of drugs.
by PeteRepeat September 22, 2006
a really white kid with firey ginger hair and little ugly piggie toes.
fire crotches, large piggies, hairy armpits
you are sucha whote
ew look at that whote
by hailee and kat June 12, 2008
A white whore
Bro look at them whotes over there I think we could tap that!
by turtlepenguins May 02, 2013
slang for whore but misspelled much like the word owned became pwned. It was created by a woman who goes by the name of CurlyGirl420 at a popular chat site called
You are such a whote Kathleen, you'll do anything that moves.
by Sistinas777 September 08, 2008
A whote is a sexy bitch. A whote always comes in a pair. Whote #1 and Whote #2. Whote #1 is likely a Canadian and the coolest person you will ever meet, she has the breasts of a stripper, the eyes of a goddess and the hair of a model. While, Whote #2 is very sexy and down to earth, but she doesn't take shit from anyone. If you mess with Whote #1, Whote #2 will likely rip your heart out and eat it for breakfast. A whote is the girl you always wanted, but could never have.
Those two whotes over there are bringing the heat, damn I gotta get me some.
by JuicyJ33 April 10, 2010

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