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A very, very small penis.
I need a magnifying glass to see that button mushroom of yours!
by Pete November 20, 2004
An incredibly large person, known for his love of fast food, especially the pies for sale at half time at a football (soccer) match. Tends to take up more than one seat, and obscures the view when you're trying to watch the match.
Oi, pieman, move it so I can see the pitch!
by Pete October 06, 2004
A seagull - if you live in a seaside town you'll know that to go outside you'll need to carry an umbrella with you to stop yourself being covered in bird droppings.
God, thats the third time those shitehawks have got me this week. Another trip to the dry cleaners...
by Pete September 30, 2004
An idiot. Someone who walks around as if he's been literally, smacked in the ass.
So, this smacked ass walks up to me, and asks me if I've got a dollar
by Pete November 28, 2003
1. A word that means the same as pussy, twat, and bearded clam.
2. The nice gash in between yo mammas legs.
"Yo man you see that hookers nasty pair of vertical lips with those warts coming outta them!!??!!"
by Pete March 18, 2004
Rhyming slang for shitehouse. Mary Whitehouse was a campaigner for morals and decency on British television.
I need to use the mary before I foul myself.
by Pete October 25, 2004
big , fat, smelly shit thats bein launched outta sum1s arsehole!
ewww dude u stepped in turd!
by pete May 21, 2003
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