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Pointless filth that destroys families and eventually turns men impotent. Needed by insecure men to achieve erection when no other way is possible. Has been known to turn men into pedophiles and in some cases rapists. Starred in by naive young women who allow themselves to be raped and laughed at for money that barely pays their rent. Ted Bundy was a porn addict and some porn companies have hidden their 'talent's' HIV+ diagnosis to continue buisness. Evil, sick buisness that does nothing but damage and encourages sexual abuse and disrespect of women. This is from a dude. A straight one.
"Pornography is the greatest evil the world faces..."
by PepsiCola September 11, 2006
weak rip-off of Superman, the one true superhero. Also incorperates elements of Batman. A Clark Kent-ish kid, Peter Parker, develops superpowers in his teens (like Clark Kent) loses his uncle in an act of random crime (ala Batman) and dedicates his life to fighting crime (like Batman). Wears a blue and red costume (like Superman) works for a newspaper (like Superman) and has a rouges gallery that features a fat, bald multi-millionaire criminal (like Superman). Alter ego has to put up with abuse from cranky newspaper edior (like Superman). Infact, there isn't much torn from the pages of DC comics here. Spiderman is a rip-off. Much like every Marvel character has relied on DC Comics genuis, Spiderman is a poor mans Superman/Batman.

"Spiderman is the coolest character ever!"

"No. He's a rip-off of Superman and Batman. He sucks..."
by PepsiCola September 16, 2006
The worlds greatest Superhero. No as relevant nowadays as he used to be, but will be forever remembered and will probably be to future generations what Greek gods are to us today. His S symbol is more known than the peace symbol worldwide. Embodies the concept of the Superhero, and apart from Batman and Spiderman has no competition in terms of public admiration. Has much in common with Jesus Christ, i.e- sent from a far away heavenly place by his father to aid and save humanity. Died and was resurrected. Sells millions in merchandise a year and hundreds of thousands of comic books. Outdated somewhat today, but forever will be remembered and esteemed as the first god of the comic medium.
"Superman is the first true superhero..."
by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
Spirituality with-out sacrifice. The easy way to feel mystical. Manipulating spiritual forces that could be dangerous, weilding power no human is supposed to have and allowing potentially leathal spiritual powers into ones home and life. A dangerous practice that is 'cool' as apposed to 'boring, homophobic, unmystical' Christianity. There is a splinter-group called Christopagan. This abomination is the combining of Pagan/Christian power. Proof that these knuckleheads fear the One True God and try to involve Him in their life. By the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ most Christopagans are led into a true relationship with the One True God. Tragically deluded people who need help and prayer. In the film Signs starring Mel Gibson, a character named Merrill describes 'people who've never had a girl/boyfriend in their life who do this crap to feel special. They make up little codes and work on Greek mythology together, make secret societies where other guy/girls who've never had a boy/girlfriend either can join in. It's a scam." That is the perfect definition of wicca.

"wicca? What a load of crap!"
by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
Met a nice one one time. The females are nice girls. 99% of the males however are orange haired, toothless sex maniacs who stand around Broadmedows trainstation threatning blonde Anglo-Saxon girls and their boyfriends. Like muscle cars but are always catching the train. Say BRO alot and listen to awful hip-hop music. Have garlic-breath and eat meat-pies alot. Try to kick-box, breakdance and rap- all at once.
*insert bad breakdance* "Yo bro...met a chick at the trainstation...she wanted lebbo cock...made her strip her clothes off...and then I bashed 20 cops...yo!" *insert high kick*. Talk about guns but have never seen one, flirt with their cousins and spit on the streets. Live in stoneage homes and worship some puny god named Allah, even though they've never read the Koran. Carry pages ripped out of porno mags in their back pockets and travel in packs with 100 cousins looking to beat up a guy taking his kids for a walk. I live in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. This is not racist. This is the truth. Parents can't speak a word of English usually. Embarassment to other arab nations. 90% hate Australia and it's way of life. Go home.

"Mate...who's that guy masturbating in public?"

"Some Lebanese pervert..."

by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
Sad, confused, lost individuals who want to be Angelina Jolie without realising who screwed up she is. Desperate for affection, will sleep with anyone to recieve it. Bi-sexuals are an insult to homosexuals, some of whom are killed because of their unchangable sexual preference. This is because bi's want to be 'trendy' in this fun loving age and 'experiment' without realizing the cost that some other's have to pay. Brag endlessly about their gay-trists, and are usually female Jolie-wannabe's who end up with nobody because nobody trusts them with their emotions.
"Hey...I like guys and girls!"

"Your bi-sexual? Get out! You'll only cheat on me and humiliate me!"

by PepsiCola September 11, 2006

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