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A rather pretty and convincingly female actress who, due to a genetic defect, was born was a penis. It is approximate ten inches in length, three in diameter at the shaft, and was used to make Nick Stahl scream like a little bitchboy while filming Terminator 3.
-Claire Danes is really hot.
-Yeah, but she has a dick.
-I don't care. I'd suck it.
by Blorpfuck July 12, 2011
A flat chested and beautiful actress who likes to wear loose clothes so everyone can take a glance at her minuscule breasts when she bends down.
Claire Danes Nip Slip at Canadian MTV
by Antois June 18, 2008
a really fit adult that has been in alot of films and she is soooooooooooooooooo fucking sexy
i want to cum all over her
by dominic hunt January 16, 2005