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Sleazy, cliche'd, chickenhawkette. Manipulating the masses with her sick trash, and ending one young female life at a time. Filthy rich because of this, but unable to take that money with her when she dies. Been poked more times than a 200 year old angry snake, looks used up and has a one-way ticket to hell due to her relentless pursuit of money and fame. Burn baby burn!
"Satan has a foster-daughter. Her name is Jenna Jameson..."
by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
Another word for- sociopath. Oprah panders her new-age crap at bored, upper-middle class women who, like Germans in the 30's listening to the demented rantings of another maniac, buy it hook, line and sinker. A billionaire who connives women into believing that she's 'one of the girls'. Gives cars away to poor people, naturally on international TV so everyone can SEE how great she is. Cars aren't registered OR insured however. Poor people lose 'free' car. Oprah looks like saint. Disgusting. Has a golden toilet. Seriously.
"When Jesus whups the anti-Christ, it'll be Oprah, and Dr Phil will be the false prophet..."

by PepsiCola September 16, 2006
When a guy dates/marries a girl who is way more attractive, intelligent and desirable than he. People can't get it, much like the way no-one could understand Roger Rabbit/Jessica Rabbit's love in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. A mis-matched love affair.
"Dude...have you seen Capser and Emily? Man, Emily is so hot! What does she see in him? That Casper's pulled a Roger Rabbit!"
by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
Stupid televison show hosted by two morons, one who looks like he's on speed constantly, featuring 100 or so idiots who think they will make a difference in the music industry and judged by a bloke who looks like a rock-spider, a black American who couldn't make it in her own country, and a short fat geezer with a cockatoo hair-cut who think's he knows alot about hip-hop music. Pathetic. If Bob Dylan had been born in 1980 and auditioned, would be rejected because he doesn't look 'funky' enough. For people who know nothing about music. Destroy.
Australian Idol audition-

Bob Dylan- "Well, Marcia I'm gonna sing a song of mine called Don't Think Twice It's Alright..."

*plays classic song*

Marcia, Mark and Kyle- "Sorry mate. Your not funky enough. That will never sell. NEXT!"

by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
A group of well meaning but sometimes arrogant Christians who believe that everyone but them is wrong. Trashed the Catholic Church's teachings, in the process insulting the Virgin Mother of God, denying the complexity of the Body Of Christ, that faith devoid of works is a dead thing, and that all Catholics are going to hell. Are usually from upper-middle class backgrounds and love everyone...as long as they walk, talk, sound, dress and act just like them. DO NOT represent Christianity as a whole, and are at times an embarassment to believers. Use creepy and sometimes criminal people to spread their message: Benny Hinn, John T Chick etc. 98% are good, decent loving people. All Protestants WILL go to Heaven as they accept The Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, but need to stop trashing 2000 years of Catholic teaching because they prefer Hillsong music to Gregorian. SOMETIMES delare all Catholics to be pedophiles, theives and heretics. This is a small number however. Deny that saints can hear prayer (despite it being a Biblical fact), a mistake coming from their over simplification of Christ's body. Mock other's practices and are quick to point out mistakes made by the Catholic church without stopping to think of their own. Are loved by God. Despised by many. Loved by Catholics who simply wish to live in faith peacefully. Can be spotted by incredibly dorky dress sense and listen to Hillsong music.
John- "Hello. I'm a Catholic. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God made flesh who died on Calvaries Cross, thus justifying me by His Most Holy Blood and making me righteous in the sight of God the Father by faith. He paid the full price of my sins on Calvaries Cross, and by His Most Holy Ressurection restored me to life eternal. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, the ressurection of the dead and life eternal. I've been transfered from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. I also ask that the Blessed Virgin Mary, ever connected to Jesus as part of His Body, a sacred, mystical connection between the two of them, pray to Jesus for me, that my prayers shall be heard..."

Jackie the Protestant- "Mary? Oh no! You need to know the truth!"

by PepsiCola September 11, 2006
A Cathostant (Cath-O-Stant) is a protestant with serious Catholic love. A protestant who enjoys saying the rosary, praising The Sacred Heart of Jesus, admires Catholic statues, meditating on the stations of the Cross. Crosses themselves before prayer and may even use the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Anglo-Catholics are the most famous Cathostants, but many protestants emerse themselves in Catholic lore and practice, whilst retaining their 'salvation by grace through faith alone' stance. Cathostants are rapidly growing. A healthy sign that prayers for Catholic/Protestant friendship and re-building are being heard by God Almighty. Praise be to Jesus!
Jimmy the baptist- "Like, that Casper dude wears a cross with Our Lord still on it, crosses himself, says the rosary, wears a scapular and a sacred heart medal but claims to be a Protestant!"

Dave the open minded baptist- "Yeah. He's a Cathostant. They love Catholic culture as it inspires their faith but retain Luther's teachings on "Salvation by grace through faith alone'.

by pepsicola September 16, 2006
Film that came out second best to Pirates 2, but then again...what didn't that Johnny-Depp career furthering project trash? Still, has made 400 million worldwide, despite being quite mediocre. Superman Returns rates a 7 out of 10, due to it's changing certain aspects of the beloved hero. Stalks Lois Lane in a rather unsettling scene, and has a 5 year old son now...which makes no sense. Quite romantic, was hated by morons who like to see things blow up and people get punched. Intellectual super-hero film, for real, unlike X-men than was just another action packed retard-fest for 10 year olds. Also stars Kevin Spacey in a truly frightning performace as psychopath Lex Luthor. Said to have a 260 million dollar budget, most probably 200 million in truth, removing previous failed attempts to re-start franchise. Has a VERY loyal fanbase that will ensure it's future success. One must remember, Gone With The Wind could have gone up against Pirates and lost. All in all a so-so Superman movie. Co-stars Kate Bosworth as the most inept Lois Lane ever. Role should have gone to Claire Danes.Probably make another 100 mill on DVD. Sequel planned. MUST INCLUDE DOOMSDAY!
"Saw Superman Returns to day...it was...good."
by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
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