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5 definitions by Peeps

The art of deliberately underperforming, or failing to participate in, a group activity with the sole purpose of denying one colleague(s) success in that activity.
"I'll make sure that twat (insert name)won't get a trophy. I'll just pretend to go out for a run."
by peeps September 08, 2004
rude looking snow formations caused by incomplete snow fort or snowman construction.
Who made all that snow dung out there?
by Peeps April 09, 2004
a state of krunk up speech and action after you get really tweeked
he was so slobb-r-pumpkined after the he smoked that bolo.
by peeps February 12, 2004
a person who is nudifice who yells at another non-nudifice person.
Go get some pants on, you rude nude dude.
by Peeps April 09, 2004
The most pimp on the Mest Message board besides jereslikebam...she is pimp status
I wish I was as cool as Hot pinkie. I want to be Hot pinkie
by peeps May 11, 2004