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a down's syndrome person. same meaning as mong, but more specific
ahh mate, gerron that same head lickin' the windas
by paul May 13, 2004
FUCK do you nigger bitches not know how to spell!??!?

ok anyways, Bow Wow is a corporate little wannabe who wishes he was a gangsta but is really from the suburbs of Ohio. OH I BETTA NOT HAVE DISSED BOW WOW, he'd bust a cap in my ass...actually no he wont, he'll just tell his mommy.
listen to some of his songs.....
by paul February 19, 2005
Something Men do. It isn't "gay" it isn't "stupid", it is life. And while all you basketball and football players are sitting on your butts during the off-season Wrestlers are still out there and wrestling nearly every night of the week.
by Paul May 13, 2004
moer - Afrikaans for beat up
Big Dutchman says : Are you looking at my chick!

Small engelsman : No! never

Big Dutchman says: I will moer you!
by Paul February 06, 2005
any violent woman who attacks the genitalia of unsuspecting men in order to amuse themselves or others
1st guy: Dude, Jorese jus nailed me in the nuts!

2nd guy: what a freekin girk!
by Paul July 28, 2004
Fuel used in conventional internal combustion engines. In North America, this is known as gas. Cf. Diesel, kerosene.
Where's the nearest petrol station?
by Paul March 25, 2004
The work many people say / mispell in place of the French word - "voilà" which means (in English) "here it is".

"Walla" is a word used by ignorant people (particularly Americans) who simply don't know any better.
I was looking for my pen and voilà, here it is.
by Paul December 07, 2004

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