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Awesome. English for lazy people.
The Giants of Science album is awse!
by Pattus August 19, 2003
The opposite of sif, roughly translated you would get...
"as if you wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't etc"
Sifn't buy the Interpol album
by Pattus July 20, 2003
Sif university. When you're over uni work and you want to burn your uni down, this is what you call it.
FNP - what are you doing now?
Pattus - sfuni work.
FNP - Shit, that sucks!
by Pattus August 19, 2003
Drunk. It's 1337 for thrashed.
Pattus - I looove you maaaaan!
Omeed - Pat, you're so drunk.
Pattus - I am not tharshed!!
by Pattus August 19, 2003
When something is extreme. It is sometimes shorten to just 'hard'.
Conan - Craig has drunk 34 beers and all of Pats bourbon.
John - He's Hardk0re!
Pattus - NO, he's a dickhead.
by Pattus August 19, 2003
means alright, for 1337z0r or lazy people
"OI moron come here"
by Pattus August 19, 2003
A disagreement or disapproval.
<Craig0> I'm going to drink myself silly tonight.
<xPattusx> !sig
by Pattus August 21, 2003
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