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The opposite of sif, roughly translated you would get...
"as if you wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't etc"
Sifn't buy the Interpol album
by Pattus July 20, 2003
Opposite of "sif"
Common Frankstonite Term, as an abreviation of "as if not"
April: "You should worship me" ("You should worship me")
Tim: "Pssh, sif" ("As If")
April: "sifnt" ("As if not")
by Timmy Mc Tim September 08, 2006
it is "as if not" you noob, gg random. sif its "as if you wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't etc"
gg random
sif ur not a noob.. sifnt im a noob
by leet August 27, 2003
Abreaviation of " as if you wouldnt"
or "as if you would"

Guy 1: sif go out with that slut.
Guy 2: sif be gay
Guy 1: sifnt
Guy 2: ...
by Judsty April 29, 2006